Emily Empel - Idea Couture

Co-Head Futures

Emily specializes in using immersive foresight methods to internalize strategic foresight within large organizations. A former corporate futurist, Emily is convinced that foresight is only effective when matched with delivery methods that create customized, sticky, and actionable insights.

Before joining Idea Couture, Emily led the Future Workforce Insights department for The Walt Disney Company. As Disney’s resident Workforce Futurist, she managed internal consulting services to support executives across the organization. To help her clients reimagine their business and human capital strategies, Emily conceived of fresh ways to deliver insights, including strategy games, future artifact design, and immersive theater. Emily has also worked in both government and consumer foresight.

Emily holds an undergraduate degree from Villanova University and an MSc in Future Studies from the University of Houston. She is a regular speaker at World Future Society and the Association of Professional Futurists events.

Emily Empel
Co-Head Futures