Esther Rogers - Idea Couture

Co-Head, IC/ publishing

As the Co-Head of IC/ publishing, Esther oversees the production and content creation for various books and magazines, including Idea Couture’s quarterly on insight and foresight, MISC.

She is skilled at weaving in an engaging narrative to any type of content, which she has applied to her work across various brands, whether through long-form writing, scripts, or reports and decks. With a soft spot for good puns and a thirst for storytelling, she is always searching for ways to make content just a little more interesting and accessible. She’s become the go-to when something needs a bit of “jazzing up,” while still balancing a clear and professional tone.

With a background in editorial, social media, and public relations, Esther brings with her a love of the written word and all things media. Prior to Idea Couture, she worked on fashion and lifestyle publications, and managed the digital channels for brands ranging from luxury hotels to fashion magazines. 

She was recently recognized as a Top Woman in Media by Folio, and took home the Editorial Team of the Year award for MISC at the 2016 Eddie & Ozzie Awards. 

Esther Rogers
Co-Head, IC/ publishing