Ryan Doyle - Idea Couture

VP Strategy, IC/Health

Ryan is the Head of Health Delivery at Idea Couture. For over five years, he has worked in local, regional, and global arenas to create value for organizations and the individuals they aim to serve. His commitment is to work to change health outcomes through the marriage of empathic design and strategic execution.

With a background in marketing, patient access, pricing, business development, and market research, Ryan brings a strong foundation of healthcare experience to bear in each client engagement. This is complemented by his in-market experience in European and North American markets.

Prior to joining Idea Couture, Ryan spent several years working for a major biopharmaceutical company leading and supporting efforts to deliver on the commitment to provide meaningful health outcomes.

Growing up in both Canada and the United States, he is an outdoor-minded Midwesterner at his core. Ryan holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master in Business Administration from McMaster University.

Ryan Doyle
VP Strategy, IC/Health