Institute of Human Futures - Idea Couture

Fostering more human futures by changing the way we design and implement technology

Developing new technologies is not a neutral act. We manifest our social, cultural, economic, and political ideologies through technology and the design processes we use to create them. If we do not stay alert to how we build our technological tools, we risk creating a present and future that does not reflect the best that we are able to accomplish. We founded the Institute for Human Futures to create new perspectives to guide more ethical, sustainable, and human-centric approaches to developing future technologies and making the most of those we have already. Our purpose is to foster creative dialogue between thought leaders in the business world, academia, and the wider world, and to develop research that provides actionable solutions to the problems inherent in integrating technology into our lives in a more holistic manner.

As an international network of scholars, business leaders, and insight and foresight practitioners, we are positioned to help build new perspectives and methodologies devoted to changing the direction of technological development. We are organized to help foster a new direction for design thinking processes and humanized development.

We are focused on fostering the kind of dialogue needed to collaboratively develop new design strategies and methods to bring new technologies, services, and strategic platforms into being. Our role is to help others change the nature of the conversation and guide the development of more ethical, sustainable, and human-centric solutions.


About us

The institute for Human Futures is an independent, global network of scholars and industry thought-leaders incubated by Idea Couture that is devoted to innovative approaches for developing a more human-centric futures for us all. We bring bright minds from the social sciences, sciences, design, the arts, and business together provide a strong perspective on how our future should be humanized as much as it is technologicized. We develop human-centric alternatives to out-dated models and foster collaboration and debate to create a better future for all.


Research programmes

We currently have four active research programmes.

  1. Theory of Change and Transformation – Developing a strong theory of change that is suitable to underpin more human-focused research and design methodologies suitable to forge more sustainable, appropriate, and ethical futures for us all.
  2. Appropriate AI – Finding the right balance between machine independence and human/machine collaboration. Finding the appropriate thresholds for functional, balanced intelligence rather than just assuming that maximal approaches are best.
  3. Smart Cities – Creating an open and sustainable universal IoT standard to create adaptive cities that eliminate waste and promote healthy living
  4. Humanized Transformation – Providing perspectives on a radically human-centric approach to transformation that uses engages and facilitates the use of design thinking, insight, and foresight in new ways. The purpose is to redress some of the imbalances created by focusing on commercial technological development alone as the driving force behind technological advancement.