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Translating Mission Into Content

The most powerful form of brand-consumer connection happens through a brand’s mission or purpose. At Idea Couture, we help the world’s leading brands articulate their purpose and find ways to translate their mission into content.

Through our research, ethnography, and empathy, our deep understanding of a brand’s audience allows us to drive engagement, build loyalty, and bring to life a brand’s mission-focused-lifestyle.

With loyalty as the most important KPI, we harness a balance of strategic and creative skills to craft the right stories and reach a brand’s target demographic to solve strategic business objectives.

Today, brands are moving away from trying to sell to consumers and instead are focusing on creating value for them. Consumers want to know how a brand fits into their lives. If a brand doesn’t have a way to communicate how they are making, or will make, life better, they’re missing valuable opportunities to connect. It’s not enough to say what you stand for; you have to show it.

Transformational Content

Powerful stories are key to big transformation and consumer-facing content is only part of the story.Whether training, socializing new ideas, building corporate culture and morale, generating consensus on directions forward, or presenting growth opportunities to investors and market analysts, there is no better way to articulate a brand’s mission, purpose, strategy, and promise than through innovative storytelling.



As an innovation and experience design firm, we work with organizations from the fuzzy front-end—conducting research, identifying opportunities, and generating ideas all the way through to concept development, design, implementation, and roll out.

Our creative work goes beyond the brief. We understand your downstream needs and the core foundations of the business challenges and opportunities you’re addressing. We tell stories that link directly to your core business goals and create beautiful, persuasive content that influences audiences to action.

Our experienced Hollywood directors, producers, and storytellers work directly with anthropologists, brand strategists, and futurists to harness design thinking and innovation methodologies to tell stories based on a deep understanding of the audience and to craft messages that will resonate.

In today’s digital era, the kinds of stories we tell, and the ways in which we tell them, are all open to new innovation. We balance new story structures with creative approaches to production that move beyond the out-dated agency model. Nimble, fast, and precise, we work at the pace of current communication and execute projects all over the world through our global network.


Stories to Inspire

Talent Co-Creation
The days of brands employing celebrities as spokespeople are coming to an end. Instead, we facilitate partnerships that let celebrities who naturally align to a brand’s core missions and attributes to express aspects of their personalities, creative inspirations, and passion projects to large-scale audiences through brand channels. The new paradigm finds more holistic partnerships where brands co-create with celebrities, thus increasing a celebrity’s emotional and creative investment. Through this approach, consumers receive more authentic, innovative, and far-reaching and engaging content.

The nature of brand-consumer relationships is becoming a two way street. Target demos are speaking to and for brands. Instead of brands telling consumers what their products stand for, consumers are telling brands how their products fit into, and enhance, their lives. Consumers are able to mobilize their own creativity to share stories that interpret brands’ missions, purposes, and attributes in ways never before available. When consumers are given a voice, the content results in a more human and authentic messaging.

Brand Narratives
In partnership with our brand team, we craft cultural stories that emotionally translate and dramatize a brand’s core mission, purpose, and values into engaging entertainment in a variety of ways. Whether the task is to create a new brand or grow an existing brand, stories are a powerful method to communicate a brand’s value to consumers.

Branded Content
More companies than ever understand that to create loyalty and affinity, they must translate their mission and purpose into a lifestyle. This translation can happen through original content. The form and medium is all open to innovation, but the core aspect of storytelling remains the same – add value, entertain, and promote the mission and purpose of the brand in a way that resonates with audiences. As storytellers and content architects, our mission is to stop selling and start engaging.

Film Futures & New Product and Service Concepts
New products and new technology are only as impressive as the change they will potentially create. Our focus goes beyond simply showcasing features. We strive to capture the user experience of the offering and understand both human and institutional impacts of the potential innovation. As well, by exploring versions of the near and far future, we help consumers and organizations alike understand and strategize how to craft their desired results and capitalize on previously unexplored opportunities.

Insights and Ethnos
Insights films are emotionally engaging tools to share key research. Collaborating with anthropologists and strategists, our filmmakers bring key touch points of the insights process to life providing a moving way to understand the users’, customers’, or patients’ perspectives. These stories communicate learning and are a powerful tool to build empathy, socialize information, and build future strategies.

Methodology & Process Documentaries
Process documentaries capture the story of an innovation project from initial objectives and expectations through to insights and final outcomes. Methodology films articulate method and rigour. They explain how a problem was approached, the steps involved, the outcomes achieved, and ways to use this way of thinking, problem solving, and innovating in the future. These films are a great way to extend the project beyond the core team, socialize methodology, extend learning across an organization to populate new ideas, and chart a new course for future success.