Aging Youngsters - Idea Couture

Photo Credit Michael Hyatt / CC
Myth: Our definition of what a Millennial is and what they do will be true for them forever.

Most of the work today examining millennials, has been focused on producing definitions and characterizations of this generation. The basis for this lies in the belief that because millennials are very tech savvy, prefer experiences over ownership, and are hyper-social, that they will behave a certain way. The problem with definitional perspectives is that they have no room for the problem of change. Because much of what defines a millennial are really characteristics of young people, the problem that as they age, they may no longer fit these definitions looms large. Given that the majority of perspectives on millennial now covers people aged 22 to roughly 35, there is a lot of variance in the category. What happens when these people mature and stop behaving like youngsters? Will the current categories be sufficient to explain future behaviour? Most likely not.