Millennials are Confident and Entitled - Idea Couture

Photo Credit Jean Gerber / CC
Myth: Millennials are a self-centered generation who feel entitled to success.

Most models of Millennials hold that they are motivated, goal-oriented, and confident in themselves and the future. They expect college to help launch them to greatness. They may brag about their generation’s power and potential. They have high levels of optimism and they feel connected to their parents. They are assertive and believe they are “right”. In Canada the Millennial generation is called the “Sunshine” generation. In the U.S. they are seen as the driver of much of contemporary culture.

Again, this is problematic because these things have been said of every young generation. These opinions and characteristics seem new, but how do these descriptions differ from those of the generation that came of age in the 1960s and tried to change the world through political and social action? Were they not motivated, goal-oriented, and confident? They launched a global revolution that fundamentally changed the political and social landscape of the the globe. People called them entitled and griped about their high-expectations then too.