Party like it’s 2010 - Idea Couture

Photo Credit Anthony DELANOIX / CC
Myth: Millennials are different from any generation that has come before.

The characteristics that are ascribed to millennials usually follows these lines. They are hyper-social. They use cutting-edge technology better, and more, than anyone else.They are looking to change the rules of their parent’s generation. They are reacting against the social norms of the day and are choosing to do things like buy less, travel more, worry about the environment more, and send naked pictures through their phones. However, if we scratch below the surface of these truths, we see that most of what we ascribe to Millennials, are really just attributes of young people. If we look back at the hand-wringing about other young generations, people worried about the same things and saw the same things. All of these attributes were applied to the beat generation, to the hippy generation, to Gen X, and the MTV generation (that only existed for a short while before they were called Gen Y and then slowly and quietly incorporated into the Millennial category despite being too old).