The Notion of a Millennial is so Year 2000 - Idea Couture

Photo Credit Wojtek Witkowski / CC
Myth: Millennials are a special generation that need to be understood independently.

The obsession with millennials came at a time of great change. The year 1999 finally gave way to the year 2000 after nearly fifteen years of expectation. For a number of opaque reasons, market researchers and advertisers arbitrarily identified the changing of the millennium as a good cut-off point to begin defining a new generation. It seemed pretty sensible at the time–the 1 changed to a 2 for the first time in history. However, their early definition of this new generation was really nothing more than a hangover from the millennial fever from the 1999-2000 change over. Unfortunately, the concept of a new generation who will live in this wild and wooly world beyond the barrier between millennia has not survived well.