IC/ things - Idea Couture

We’re entering the second industrial revolution and third revolution of human-computer interaction.

Sensors and actuators have made everyday artifacts part of the connected world. Connectivity is no longer manifested solely through glossy GUIs on screens. It is embedded in our public spaces, cars, and the intimate corners of our lives.

Born out of our love for objects, gadgets, and what these things bring to everyday human experiences, IC/things is our dedicated socio-technical practice. Our transdisciplinary team comprises designers, anthropologists, behavioral economists, engineers, and business strategists. With an end-to-end process spanning from idea to prototype to manufacturing and market, we help leading organizations develop socially situated, technology-enabled solutions and experiences in mobile, wearables, transportation, and IoT.

Where wearables are wandering

Video: Where wearables are wandering


Explore. Identifying drivers of change that will catalyze next-generation technologies

We use human-centered design methodologies to formalize desired futures for new technologies. Our research practices, including ethnographic exploration, design research, and technology scanning, reveal complex systems that emerge between human behaviors and technology enablers. These systems frame the strategic dialogues through which we determine rich opportunity areas to explore.

Anthropology of TechnologyUncovering the relationship between people and technologies and determining the behavioral drivers that will impact the future.

Design Research • Identifying the human perspectives and contexts of use to cultivate insights about the future through design research.

Technology Scanning • Discovering core technology enablers that will open up new opportunities for features, capabilities, and platforms.

The connected home and the emerging family

Video: The connected home and the emerging family


Design. Creating concepts that shape the future

We bring opportunities to life, rapidly exploring what’s possible and imagining how it could be shaped to better the lives of people. Our concepts are born at the intersection of customer expectations, technology enablers, and business economics. They serve as tools for opportunity sizing and testing assumptions about human needs.

Co-Creative Design • We engage customers and business stakeholders in imagining concepts with our team.

Concept Development • We develop products, interfaces, experiences, and ecosystem concepts that solidify value propositions and communicate ideas.

Low-Fidelity Mockups • We iteratively explore those concepts through minimally viable representations and low-fidelity mockups.


Prototype. Building experiences and artifacts that test our hypotheses

We turn concepts into tangible realities that can be socialized, challenged, and experienced firsthand. Through this iterative process, we test concept feasibility, develop IP, and engage in further conversations with customers through hands-on testing.

We produce prototypes considering industrial, interaction, and experience implications to communicate stories that describe how people may interact with new technologies.

We define the analytics engines to discover and guide hybrid physical/digital experiences.

We put interactive concepts in the hands of users to spark discussion about value and interaction.

We develop metrics and research agendas to fine-tune product and service performance.

Prototyping and design capabilities

Industrial Design • Investigating human interaction with physical form factors, like color, material, and finish.

Interaction Design • Investigating issues of human interaction with computational systems.

Experience Design • Orchestrating interactions between people, technologies, and services to create a harmonized user experience.

Data Design • Defining analytics engines to discover and support hybrid physical/digital experiences.

Concept Engineering • Blueprinting embedded technologies, features, and capabilities to enable a user experience.

Prototyping • Prototyping experiences that communicate stories of how people may interact with new technologies.

User Testing & Validation • Putting interactive concepts within the hands of users to spark discussion about value and interaction.

Requirement EngineeringDeveloping metrics and research agendas to facilitate product and/or service performance that supports user experiences.

What we do in engineering and prototyping

Video: What we do in engineering and prototyping


Deliver. Creating go-to-market solutions that generate growth for organizations and bring value to people’s lives

Our process takes our ideas all the way to the finish line, producing outcomes that deliver on value, impact, and feasibility. Great ideas are just the start; we design and develop go-to-market solutions that embody our clients’ values and leave lasting impressions on people’s lives. The end-to-end span of our services extends to go-to-market strategy, release, and scaling activities.

We develop detailed design packages that will inform manufacturing and product development.

We produce low-volume manufacturing of approved prototypes and systems integration solutions.

We perform systems integration and low-volume manufacturing by bringing a product’s look, feel, and functionality together through high-resolution prototypes.


We’re different

From designing early concepts to developing ready-to-manufacture working prototypes, our approach takes ideas all the way to the finish line. We integrate multidisciplinary design services with best practices in anthropology, behavioral economics, engineering, and strategy—ensuring the experience is relevant to the lived realities of users and the business realities of your organization.

We start with human needs by syncing sociocultural contexts to technological possibilities.

We apply strategic foresight to product design, in order to future-proof our concepts.

We abandon biases and assumptions by designing with users and clients, rather than simply designing on their behalf.