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San Francisco
May 10-11, 2016

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An immersive two-day event for senior insight professionals who are hyper-curious about the impact of emerging change, experiences and consumer expectations on their business

Is your brand prepared to deliver heightened
experiences of the future?

In retail, finance, CPG, automotive, entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare, our desire to indulge plays a key role in driving purchasing decisions. This in turn shapes the value propositions, relevance, and competitiveness of offerings. Brands that rely on indulgent behavior must anticipate the future of heightened experiences and learn how to apply this knowledge to their business.

Join a diverse group of innovation thought leaders from major brands on a two-day immersion into the future of indulgence. More than just observing, you will be unpacking the forces that drive change, exploring forward-thinking scenarios, and prototyping new business strategies that capitalize on the enduring principles and emerging criteria re-shaping the future of indulgence.

San Francisco
May 10-11, 2016
Price: $2,000

For more information on early signup and group rates, please contact Sabina Birgen before February 29, 2016

[email protected]

Why Attend?

The Insights

Build your knowledge about the past, present and future contexts of indulgence in order to integrate changing consumer behaviors, values and expectations into your strategy today

The People

Engage with insights peers, professionals and thought leaders to better understand the diverse ways other companies are embedding emerging changes, insights and strategies within their organizations for impact

The Impact

Develop future-oriented business perspectives that are industry specific (e.g. health, CPG, entertainment, retail, automotive) and can be shared and actioned within the context of your organization

Event Takeaway

The Indulgence Agenda is as much designed to facilitate strategic dialogue after the event as during with shareable materials including:

Indulgence 2030

An exclusive guide detailing the most critical signals, insights and themes shaping the future of indulgence to help attendees facilitate organizational sharing and learning post-event


Scott Friedmann

Chief Innovation Officer, EVP

Scott founded Idea Couture to better connect big ideas with brands, products, and experiences. Since IC's inception, he has worked with some of the world's most loved consumer brands to develop innovative products, services, and strategies that align with the changing appetites of clients and consumers.

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Emily Empel

Co-Head of Foresight

Emily specializes in integrating the practice of strategic foresight within large organizations to help stakeholders identify emerging opportunities. Before joining Idea Couture, Emily led the Future Workforce Insights department for The Walt Disney Company.

More About Emily

Mat Lincez

Co-head of foresight

With more than a decade of experience applying foresight practices at the front-end of complex innovation projects, Mathew draws on a background in Industrial Design to inform the development of integrative, human-centric experiences. His research interests in urban space, new media, and play behaviour have been applied to client projects across industries.

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Event Schedule


Unpacking Indulgence

May 10, 2016

A History of Indulgence: Timeless Patterns & Principles

For millennia, humans have been denying themselves the pleasures of life, but then secretly indulging themselves after the fact. This is an attempt to understand how differences in social and cultural contexts throughout history have given rise to different kinds of indulgence and the guilt that comes with it.

Indulgence Today: Current Trends & Future Projections

Is indulgence worthy of scorn and judgement? Our propensity to recognize and legitimize our desires — and grant ourselves permission to fulfill them — is inherent. But will our modern hedonism have consequences on our future?

Why We Indulge: The Psychology & Neuroscience of Indulgence

Our drive to indulge is an artifact of our evolutionary history, buried deep into our brains. Does this mean that we are simply wired for indulgence, or are there steps we can take — both as individuals and as a society — to better control our desire to indulge?

The Ethics of Indulgence: Exploring The Limits of Human Compulsion

Indulgence, at its very core, is about excess. When we indulge, we skirt and then eventually cross the fine line between good and bad, between discipline and pleasure, and between being responsible and satisfying our desires. This raises the question: Can indulgence ever be ethical? More importantly, does it even need to be?

Designing for Indulgence: Formulas for Pleasure

No longer reserved for any subset of brands, heightened experiences are fast becoming the definitive delivery mode for brand encounters, both small and large. Using best-in-class examples, we will unpack the mindset, methods, and metrics that make these experiences appear effortless and irresistible.

Evening Event: Indulgence 2030

Future opportunities or challenges are better understood when they are consumed as experience. Participants will engage with a future of indulgence through an immersive dinner event set in 2030.

San Francisco
May 10-11, 2016
Price: $2,000

For more information on early signup and group rates, please contact Sabina Birgen before February 29, 2016
[email protected]


Prototyping Possibilities

May 11, 2016

From Signals to Scenarios of Change: Frameworks for Disruption and Transformation

Scenario development is an exercise in sensemaking, strategy, and speculative storytelling. We'll apply our learnings to generate possible, plausible, preferred, and alternative future worlds, after which we'll imagine the innovative products, services, and businesses that could inhabit them.

Prototyping Heightened Experiences: Applying Future Insights to Indulgence

The future is meant as an input for planning and taking action today. This two-day event will culminate in a business case activity. Participants will develop a future vision and near-term products or service strategies for a fictional organization, given a set of common business constraints.

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Our strategic foresight team places the human experience at the core of how we imagine the future. We make tomorrow a place your business can't ignore.

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