Trust No One: Consumers Are Unsure About IoT Devices - Idea Couture

Photo Credit: Joachim Rotteveel / CC

Quantifying your life through tracking devices and sensors in your home can be a scary thing, and IoT devices embody all of these uncertainties. Although purchasers are intrigued by smartwatches and connected homes, they are cautious about actually buying these products. Despite their curiosity and fascination with IoT, many are concerned about data collection and potential privacy breaches.

According to a survey conducted by Google Consumer Surveys for Auth0,
the majority of consumers (52%) don’t trust that most IoT devices have the necessary security in place, while a mere 12% do, and 36% are unsure. However, there are also some mixed messages at play: while 82% of those polled don’t trust having their personal data tied to an IoT device, and 61% don’t plan on purchasing or using any IoT device regularly in the next two years, 49% still use them.

Product designers and marketers alike need to be aware of these obstacles, and take these concerns into consideration during their ideation and design processes. Building trust with consumers and offering transparency is essential. Ultimately, education will be the best remedy towards promoting comfort and awareness of the features, rather than the deterrents, of IoT devices.