A Design Thinking Boot Camp To Find Your Next Billion-Dollar Idea

Why Act Now //

There Is Enormous Opportunity In IoT-If You Know How To Access It.

/ 50 Billion Connected Devices By 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the second industrial revolution of our time. It’s forecasted to grow to 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and no one is immune to its effects. Yet many still fail to understand what this means for their business and how to implement meaningful change when it matters most: today.

/ Disruption Is Coming

IoT is a highly complex and dynamic industry, and navigating it is hard. Companies are increasingly forced to rethink their position along the value chain and restructure their business models to become responsive and adaptable—often not understanding what that really means. Meanwhile, opportunities are opening up for disruptive new entrants, making the ecosystem even more chaotic.

/ Enormous Economic Value

It's easy to think of IoT as simply a connection of devices or machines, but there is enormous economic value that can be extracted when these devices become information nodes. How can you capture this value and bring a true benefit to users? You must unveil the weak signals of change and create a hands-on approach towards innovation.

What Do You Get //

The IoT Boot Camp Will Help Your Team Develop Key Hypotheses To Turn Blind Spots Into New Revenue Streams.

/ The Full Picture Of What's Happening In The World Of IoT

Develop a deep understanding of key behavioral, technological, and economic drivers that will change the future of your industry in relation to IoT.

/ Develop Your Own Hypothesis On The Basis Of These Disruptions And How To Create Value

Use it as a starting point to create innovative new products, services, and platforms.

/ Create Opportunity Hotspots That Drive Action

Whether the plan is to create, acquire, or license the product concept, this can serve as a developing roadmap or as business concept requirements.

How Does It Work //

A Hands-on Workshop With Your Core Team That Begins With Unveiling Key Drivers Of Change And Ends With Unique IoT Opportunities For Your Company To Pursue.

This highly participative boot camp will be driven by our perspective and insights on IoT, as well as your core team's enquiries into your unique challenges. At the end of the session, each attendant will receive a workbook produced by Idea Couture on IoT, which includes our point of view on weak signals, adoption drivers, opportunities, and changing user behaviors. It’s a valuable reference to support the refinement of your idea and future development.

Boot Camp Highlights:

/ Conducted On- Or Off-site

and facilitated by our multidisciplinary team, this session is ideal for eight to ten attendants from your organization.

/ Understand New Consumer Behavior

and business paradigms related to IoT, highlighting areas that may become obsolete in your industry, or new opportunities for growth.

/ Co-create Strategies

to grow your business, drawn from years of investigative foresight and anthropological research conducted by our experienced team.

/ Discuss Innovation Challenges

and share perspective on the risks and common pitfalls to avoid when developing new technology-based offerings.

/ Share Our Proprietary Strategic Frameworks

to evaluate opportunities and prioritize them based on your company's strengths and constraints.

Who Should Attend //

C-suite Executives, Key Decision Makers, And Visionaries Who Are Interested In The Power Of IoT To Transform Their Organization.

The IoT bootcamp is meant to bring together a core team within an organization, this core team can be made up of the following groups:

/ C-suite Executives, Directors, And VPs

who are decision makers on the strategic direction of their company's offerings, and want to understand the opportunities and threats in IoT.

/ Product Managers And Innovation Team Leads

who want to envision new products and services for their firm, whether directly or indirectly related to IoT.

/ Corporate Development And M&A Managers

who want to keep abreast of emerging paradigms in the world of connectivity, and how they are disrupting existing and new industries.

Why Idea Couture //

We Are The World's Premier Strategic Innovation Firm With A Hands-on Approach To Help You Identify The Biggest IoT Opportunities For Your Business.

We are not consultants, but practitioners who take a hands-on approach to the impacts of IoT in both the present and future.

/ Depth Of Knowledge And Diversity Of Experience

We have been working with Fortune 100 technology companies for the past decade to help solve their toughest challenges. We have developed a diverse portfolio designing successful products and services for our clients, ranging from smarthome and mobile to wearable solutions.

/ Real Insight And Foresight

We don't do desktop research. Our insight and foresight teams dive into each challenge by questioning existing assumptions. Whether immersing ourselves in the lives of extreme users or following field workers in remote areas, we bring the perspective of customers to every stage of engagement and interaction.

/ Global Collaborators

Working on five continents across multiple industries has led us to understand that the best results come from true partnerships with our clients. It is for this reason that we have designed this boot camp to give a 360-degree perspective in a single day.

Our Team //

Idris Mootee
CEO and Chief Strategist, Idea Couture.
Idris is one of the most sought-after board level strategic advisors among Global 2000 companies and the ultimate foresight machine in technology & strategic innovation. Idris works with leaders to understand the implications on how emerging behavior and technologies technology can led to business model innovation. He has held a number of executive roles with world's leading companies and has has over 25 years of experience providing strategic advice to CEOs and executive teams on business challenges relating to disruptive technologies. Education: Management Science, London Business School / Strategic Marketing Management, Harvard Business School / Strategic Technology Management, Brunel University Graduate School / General Management, Ivey Business School.

Richard Palmer
Chief Resident Entrepreneur, Idea Couture
Richard is an innovator and an entrepreneur with a proven track in inventing new products. With an unusually broad range of creative, technical, and business skills, he advocates startups culture as a powerful tool for fast paced innovation. An expert in innovative material technologies, Richard invented d3o soft flexible material containing intelligent molecules that is now used in many products across different industries. He was awarded o2 Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 for his endeavors. Education: MA Industrial Design, Royal College of Art / B.Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London.

Paul Hartley
Head of Human Futures, Idea Couture
Paul has over 10 years of experience as an ethnographer and he has studied people's relationship to technology in nine countries on three continents. Paul is a specialist in researching people's adaptation to future scenarios using anthropological ethnography, applied ethnography and online anthropology. Education: Ph.D Ethnomusicology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign / MA Ethnomusicology, Tufts University.

Ryan Brotman
Co-Head of IC Things, Idea Couture
Ryan specializes in advanced computer systems and applications of human computer interaction in the context of smart homes and intelligent transportation. Working with some of the world's most innovative organizations, including Herman Miller, HTC, Intel, MIT Media Lab, and NASA, Ryan is a leading expert in designing human centric experiences for IoT related ventures. His work has been featured in The Guardian and Discovery Channel Online and received nominations for t3.com's 2013 Innovation of the Year. Education: Ph.D Human Computer Interaction, Arizona State University / MS Design; Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University.

Maryam Nabavi
Co-Head of IC Things, Idea Couture
Maryam is a creative strategist with a passion for technology and how it will change the future of everyday experiences. With backgrounds in engineering and design, she blends her analytical and creative skills in identifying innovation hotspots in IoT, wearables and consumer electronic categories..She has designed connected products and services for clients such as AT&T, LG, NASA, Humana, Samsung, and Procter & Gamble. Education: MSc, MA Innovation Design Engineering, Imperial College of London & Royal College of Art / BSc Aerospace Engineering, Ryerson University.

Jonathan Schaffer
Senior Innovation Strategist, Idea Couture
Jonathan is an experimentalist and storyteller who brings his unique multidisciplinary perspective to bear on some of industry's most perplexing challenges. Combining a deep understanding of intellectual property, market forces and engineering, he has successfully led complex projects in IoT, aerospace and consumer electronic industries. Jonathan holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and a Masters in Business Administration from the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Each attendant will receive a workbook written and published by Idea Couture on strategic foresight for IoT. The book will include key drivers, global adoption trends, emerging landscape and opportunities on IoT and will serve as a valuable reference for your future ideas development. Click to preview the book.

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