Foresight Strategist - Idea Couture

Location: London, UK

Basis: Full Time

IC/ Futures, Idea Couture’s Strategic Foresight practice is looking for senior foresight strategists to join our diverse and expanding team in London. If you have a knack for anticipating the potential impacts of change, of engaging others in future possibilities, and are inherently passionate about exploring what could be possible, this might be the role and environment for you.

Why join us? Today, strategic foresight plays a pivotal role in shaping longer-term strategy, sustainable growth efforts and the competitive preparedness of organisations. Our global team works with senior leadership from leading organisations to execute on highly impactful applied foresight briefs. From culture and capacity building to building growth platforms, we are in the boardroom and on the front lines affecting change.

IC Futures is not a trend shop or a syndicated book report club. We don’t rearticulate the future. Our team gets energy from thinking beyond familiar trends and simple speculations. We move from uncovering and illustrating provocative future themes to designing and delivering robust scenarios that inspire leaders to rethink and re-imagine strategy, invest in and prototype solutions, and activate the kinds of cultures and capacities required to sustain the exploration of disruptive futures.

Unlike traditional management consultants we avoid using clip arts, boring graphs and projections at all costs. We don’t use yesterday’s data to state the obvious solutions. We mine the unexpected and communicate these new narratives through world-class design and storytelling. We bring the future to life to help our partners envision possibilities and work towards building a new, and often better, current actions.

As a foresight strategist, you will bring both a sensitivity in thinking about the future and an energy in connecting your ideas with the everyday realities of our clients and partners.

We are looking for a new hire with the following attributes:

  • Critical Thinker: You can naturally dissolve a problem into its constituent parts and unearth perspectives three or four orders deep, long after others would have given up and gone on Facebook. Nothing is more exciting than changing your mind about something.
  • Research Oriented: You take the idea of a balanced informational diet seriously and feed your brain opinions and information from all points of the thinking world. You tackle new subjects with an intense and probing focus.
  • Self-Reliant: You have the confidence to start in on a research question with ambiguous framing and let it come into focus through your own efforts. You know it’s often better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
  • Gripping Communication Stylist: For you, communication is an art and a science. You craft sentences, powerpoints and workshop deliverables in which every word, color or image sings in harmony, sending a bolt of insight straight through a client’s brain.
  • Client Services Mindset: You understand what it means to deliver stellar work to a client with a set of evolving specifications. You have the emotional maturity to recognize that client satisfaction is always the main goal.
  • Collaborative: You can work with a range of individuals with different backgrounds and thinking styles without losing your head. You can plainly see both where yourself and others best add value to project work.


  • Lead foresight projects end-to-end.
  • Structure winning client proposals by appropriately matching foresight approaches to their business needs.
  • Pitch the value of foresight to potential clients and external partners.
  • Facilitate workshops, including in-person and digital client engagements.
  • Develop comprehensive client deliverables and presentations.
  • Design and conduct business and market immersions, environmental scanning, systems mapping and scenario development related to key content areas.
  • Use various frameworks to making sense of complex human, technological and environmental futures among others.
  • Participate in and contribute to internal & client ideation sessions and workshops.
  • Collaborate with designers, strategists, technologists, anthropologists, and others.
  • Contribute to thought leadership, team and capacity building initiatives. 

Required skills / Experience:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in arts/humanities, design, social science, policy, business/commerce, science, and engineering or other related/relevant field.
  • Proven experience conducting and communicating futures related research (more than once).
  • 7+ years in consulting or a research-related field, preferably client-facing.
  • In-depth understanding of design, business, technology, medicine, science, and other areas of inquiry.
  • Strong analytical skills, with very high attention to detail.
  • Strong writing, facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Familiar and conversant with the theory, principles, and practices of strategic foresight and futures thinking.
  • A second language would be nice.
  • Eligibility to work in the UK essential.

Additional Submission

To find out if our culture, team and brand of foresight fits you, please send us a cover letter, detailed resume and short answers (<250 words each) to three of the following six questions:

  • 1. In what ways will ‘cognitive computing’ transform business, art and design?
  • 2. What could be the #1 selling beverage of 2021, and why?
  • 3. What book or film best predicts the future? Why?
  • 4. What haven’t we heard about yet?
  • 5. What do you think could never happen by 2030? Why?
  • 6. What emerging change will impact the development of cities in the next 15 years?


  • Commensurate with experience.

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